He Sees Us When There Seems to Be No Hope

John 9:1-3 (HCSB) “As He was passing by, He saw a man blind from birth. His disciples questioned Him: “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” Jesus answered. “This came about so that God’s works might be displayed in him.”
Read John 9:1-38

Seriously, what are the chances of someone being born blind ever seeing?  The fact that this man could now see had everyone in the city and on the religious counsel so baffled! The man that was healed was probably just as baffled that this special man even saw him!  The disciples saw him as somewhat of an object lesson, but Jesus saw him as a person that would reflect the power of God in his healing.  A healing designed to display God’s glory greater, later.

Have there been problems in your life or relational circumstances that you considered hopeless? Maybe you or someone you love has a physical condition that has been labeled ‘terminal’.  God sees you.  He doesn’t heal everyone we ask him to and I know all the broken relationships are not reconciled.  But, because He has done it before, we know He can do the impossible, the improbable, the long shot, the ‘that’s never going to change’ miracles.

 Remember I told you there seems to always be a “restorative command” and a question every time God deals with us?  Here, is how they looked in this life –

Restorative Command – John 9:6-7   “After He said these things He spit on the ground, made some mud from the saliva, and spread the mud on his eyes. ‘Go,’ He told him, ‘wash in the pool of Siloam’ (which means “Sent”). So he left, washed, and came back seeing.”

Don’t you love God’s creative methods to do His work?  Would spitting in the dirt and making mud packs for this blind man’s eyes bring healing?  Just like this blind man got his mud packs, we have received the way for spiritual healing, redemption, and salvation.  But, until we respond in obedience to His ‘restorative command”, as the blind man went and washed in the pool of Siloam, we will not experience the transformation He provides.  Jesus shed His blood on Calvary for the forgiveness of our sins and His resurrection made a way for us to be reconciled to the Father. By faith, through His grace, we obey. He left blind, but came back seeing!

 Question – John 9:35 “When Jesus heard that they had thrown the man out, He found him and asked, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’  

This question remains for each of us to answer.  Do you believe He is the Son of God?  The blind man said “Yes! I believe.”  What is your answer?

My prayer for us –

“Heavenly Father, the one who sees us in our hopeless situations, we want to bear witness to your power and your faithfulness.  Help us to trust your way and to be obedient to your commands for our life and for our healing.  I confess there have been times in my life when I thought not even you could fix such a bad situation, but you do.  And I pray that even if you don’t answer the way I have asked you to, that I will always remember that the spiritual blindness that you healed in my life will always be more than enough. Amen”

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