Here are some of my favorite things – and not in any order, so don’t judge –

Anything with my family – all of them.  We have so much fun together!

Staying in a hotel room with the AC cranked down on about 67 or 68

Eating out – especially at places that are unique to that city.  It’s just such a fun social event.

Teaching God’s Word to anyone that will let me come teach.

Hearing people’s life stories.  And I always like to hear the long, detailed version – when I have time.

Visiting with my friends when there is no agenda – just talking about life and Jesus and life with Jesus.

Meeting people.   Truly, I  just love people.  I don’t always give the time I should to the people I know, but I still love meeting everyone!

Chips n Salsa

People who are funny at their own expense and their humor is clean.

Watching people being kind and loving to others.